Signature Soccer

What Is The CalSouth Signature League?

Each year many soccer families are faced with a dilemma: continue playing recreational soccer or make the  jump to competitive soccer. Is your child ready to move on from recreational soccer to a more competitive enviroment, where player development is the focus, and they have the opportunity to play in CalSouth, one of the most prestigious and successful associations in the country? If so, LBYSO/ FC Long Beach SIGNATURE may be exactly what you are looking for! With fixed costs and USSF Licensed coaches, overseen by a qualified Director of Coaching, our SIGNATURE program provides an ideal introduction to competitive play for those looking for a more challenging enviroment. LBYSO/ FC Long Beach Signature teams participate in the North Orange County Signature League Gaming Circuit, the circuit is comprised of teams from other CalSouth associated leagues wishing to field intermediate level teams. The Signature program here at LBYSO/FC Long Beach provides players with an opportunity to improve their technical ability through exposure to a higher standard of coaching while being introduced to a more competitive playing enviroment. Both of these elements have been shown to greatly increase player development.

There are a number of rules that are unique to the Signature League, such as a 50% play rule for all players, a limit on the annual financial responsibility, and a limitation on distance of travel. For more information, please go to the Cal South Signature page at:

2017 Signature Teams

B07 FCLB B07 Jason Lindsy
B06 FCLB B06 Red Jarrod Davis
B06 FCLB B06 Blue Erinn Carranza
B04 FCLB B04 TBA  
G07 FCLB G07 Red  Lilly Lopez
G07 FCLB G07Blue  Chuck Sanchez
G05 FCLB G05 Red  Erik Carrillo
G05 FCLB G05 Blue Doug Fatone USSF National D,
G02 FCLB G02  Matt Lunsford

We are currently looking to add teams to the age groups without teams. Please contact Director of Intermediate Play Doug Fatone at if you are interested in fielding a team.

Signature League FAQ

How can my child play on a Signature team?

Any player interested in playing on a LBYSO/FC Long Beach Signature team is welcome to attend our tryouts, or to contact a coach directly. All interested players are welcome, players from organizations outside of LBYSO looking for an opportunity to play in a CalSouth gaming circuit are encouraged to attend.Teams are formed for the upcoming  season through the tryout process the previous season.Tryouts are generally held twice a year, once in the Fall, and once in the Spring. The open tryouts are run by qualified coaches and trainers, allowing the Signature coaches to observe their specific age group.At the completion of the tryout the coaches, in coordination with the Intermediate  Director and DOC will proceed to form the teams.

How much does it cost for my child to play in Signature League?

Per CalSouth rules player’s fees must be capped at $400.00 per playing season, or 800.00 per calendar year. (Fall season being separate from Spring season). Parents will be given a team budget prior to the beginning of the playing season and income and expense statement at the end of each season. The statement should provide the number of team players, total income, itemized expenses and anticipated expenses for the remainder of the year.  Uniform cost is included in the fees, as are Referee fees. Teams may fundraise as much as desired, either to offset playing cost, or to increase the number of tournaments played within the year.

Where are the games played?

LBYSO/FC Long Beach is a member of the North Orange County Signature League Circuit. The home games will be played at LBYSO fields, either at Heartwell Park or one of the league’s permitted Middle Schools. Approximately one-half of the games will be “Away” games and will involve travel to the opposing teams home fields. One of the features of Signature League is limited travel. Generally, you will not have to travel farther then 20-25 miles to reach your destination (40-50 miles round trip). Travel to tournaments may vary, and are decided on a team by team basis.