2018 Fall Schedule

The schedule should be made available in a more user-friendly layout during the week.  For now, the full season schedule is below.  Note that barring a rainout makeup date being required, Boys and Girls U10 Finals will be held November 17.

Complete Rec U6-U10 Fall 2018 Schedule

Cal South Intercity League schedules are compiled by Cal South.  Here is a link to their schedule site.

Intercity U12-U14 Fall 2018 Schedule


New Team Pages and Schedule Beta Site

Coming for the Fall 2018 season, we aim to launch our Sports Engine LBYSO team pages.  Each team will have a dedicated page that will show your schedule, coaches and roster.  The goal is to allow coaches and team managers the chance to use their team page as a planning site for practice schedules, snack schedules and other info specific to your individual team.

The link below will take you to the schedule page for U6-U10 teams.  It will require you to use your Sports Engine login that was used when you first registered your child for LBYSO through the Sports Engine registration system.  Be aware that the schedule is accurate for Spring 2018.  But ALL other information is a work in progress and the look and layout will change as we approach Fall.

Click here to visit the LBYSO Recreational Sports Engine team pages.