Recreational Soccer

LBYSO Recreational Soccer offers play in divisions from U6-U19.  The Fall season runs from September to late November or early December.  The Spring season runs from March through May.



Registration for the Fall season takes place during spring and into the summer.  Signups for the Spring season occurs roughly from October through January.

Visit the Registration page for details.


Age Divisions & Game Play Rules Summary

LBYSO Rec follows US Soccer Federation Player Development Initiatives which specify age divisions, games play rules and coaching requirements.

Players compete in birth year age divisions starting at U6.  Players are allowed to “play up”.  For example, a player whose birth year would place them in U8 is allowed to play in U10 provided they are competitively capable.

For the Fall 2018/Spring 2019 seasons, division, birth years and rules align as follows:

Division Birth Years Goalie Players Field Size Ball Size Minutes Offside Heading
U6 2013 & 2014 N 4v4 30×20 3 40 N N
U8 2011 & 2012 N 4v4 35×25 3 40 N N
U10 2009 & 2010 Y 7v7 60×40 4 50 Y* N
U12 2007 & 2008 Y 9v9 80×50 4 60 Y Y
U14 2005 & 2006 Y 11v11 110×70 5 70 Y Y
U16 2003 & 2004 Y 11v11 110×70 5 80 Y Y

* For U10, offside can only occur inside the build out lines.

For full details on small-sided games (U6-U12), please read the USSF Player Development Initiatives.