Coaches Corner

Coaches Corner is your resource to assist recreational coaches in helping your players get the most from their LBYSO experience.

We aim to provide you with information on:

  • US Soccer coach licensing
  • LBYSO coaching requirements
  • Practice and game plan resources
  • Team management tips
  • Game day FAQ


US Soccer Coaching Licensing

Effective Fall 2018, all LBYSO coaches are required by Cal South to meet US Soccer licensing requirements.  At a minimum, recreational coaches must have completed the US Soccer 4v4 online course.

Coaches can register here for the online 4v4 course through Cal South.


Additional links to US Soccer’s new coach licensing and Player Development Initiatives:

US Soccer Player Development Initiatives

US Soccer Grassroots Pathway Initiative (for recreational coaches)


LBYSO Coaching Requirements

LBYSO Recreational coaches are volunteers.  Anyone 18 or older can coach.  You are not required to have a child registered with LBYSO to coach.

In addition to the US Soccer licensing requirement above, you will need to complete a LiveScan session and submit completion to Cal South.  New coaches will be contacted by the LBYSO Risk Management officer with info needed to complete LiveScan.  You will be reimbursed for the LiveScan fee.  This is a one-time requirement.


Practice and Game Plan Resources

Coaches are encouraged to seek out any available practice and game plan information.  Online material, books and other coaches are among some of the many sources you can use.  Ultimately, it is up to you to decide what is most effective for you and your players to learn to work as a team and improve individual skills while keeping things fun.

For games that are refereed by Cal South officials, always have a prepared lineup sheet.  Download by clicking the link:

LBYSO Rec Lineup Sheet


Team Management Tips

LBYSO Recreational coaches are encouraged to seek out help to get through the season without carrying the entire load themselves.

  • LBYSO typically issues a limited amount of equipment, usually balls and cones.  Consider what other equipment you might need – goal(s), extra balls, practice jerseys/pinnies, first aid kit, etc.  Don’t be shy about asking parents to pitch in for the basics.
  • Get a team roster with parent phone numbers and emails and establish a normal line of communication, especially for last minute practice and game updates.
  • Pick a practice day/time/location convenient for yourself but also convenient for the greatest number of team parents.
  • Recruit another parent to act as Team Manager who would handle side duties like uniform pickup, team banner, game day snacks, picture day, end of season party/picnic and anything else not directly related to the practices and games.
  • Recruit another parent to act as assistant/emergency coach when you are not available.



Tips for Coaches on Dealing With Difficult Parents


Game Day Basics

Field Locations – Heartwell map

Set up/Tear down – Check schedules to see if you have setup or tear down duties.  Setup includes fields lining and goal/flag setup.  Tear down is the return of both goals, flags and field lining equipment to the storage shed.


  • All players have soccer cleats, shinguards, socks, no dangling jewelry or earrings
  • Matching jerseys for all players
  • Alternate jersey/pinny for goalkeeper in U10 and above

Two sideline coaches.  No coaches behind goals in U10 and above

Play guidelines – Each age group will adhere to current US Soccer Player Development Initiatives effective Fall 2018. Or you can see the LBYSO summary here.

Weather – Games will be played in light rain or drizzle as field conditions allow.  LB Parks and/or LBYSO Board members will have final say in determining when to close fields.  Appropriate efforts will be made to communicate conditions via the website and social media platforms.